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Chalet Dinner service

The Meal Delivery Service

How it works;

Because all of our food is prepared fresh and to order, we do not have an on-line ordering system.

Take a look through our menus from Our Menus page then when you have chosen your menus and for which nights send us an email to For orders between Dec 2022-May 2023 orders need to be made a minimum of 1 week in advance, subject to availability.

It is possible to inter swap some of the entrees and desserts within the menus, don't hesitate to ask if there is a meal that you would specifically like and we will do our best to tailor the menu to your needs. 

When you contact us to make an enquiry be sure to tell us what dates you require, where the delivery is for and for how many people and we will get back to you as soon as possible to tell you our availability. 


The minimum requirement for each menu is 6 people, 2 courses per meal (the same dish for all 6 people),

for 2 days, 2 meals will be delivered per delivery so please ensure you have ample space in your fridge to store the food. 

Delivery fees may be applicable.

Because this is a personal service delivered to you throughout the week, we focus on quality not quantity so we have a limited amount of deliveries we can make (delivery charges may apply) so please don't miss out and book as soon as possible.  

For deliveries to St Martin de Bellville there will be a delivery charge of €25 per delivery, 2 days of meals will be delivered with each drop off. Minimum requirement of 2 days menus for 4 people. 

We can also offer an in-house chef service where Sara will come to your premises to cook and serve your meal, clean up so you have nothing to do but eat and relax. Please contact us for tarifs which vary depending on the number of people, the style of food and the number of courses to be served. The shopping is billed at cost on the night of the service. 

Heat. Eat. Relax! 

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